Schöne Neue Stadt

For the exhibition “Schöne neue Stadt” – a project by the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the Telekom Innovation Laboratories – I was asked to create different scenarios of future cities. The exhibit called “Trends und Technologien” (trends and technologies) contains four different scenarios: high-tech city, digital city, liveable city and fortress city. All of them centered on specific aspects of what living in a city might look like in a couple of years.

The challenge was to illustrate a very long list of separate items, that could later be put together to form whole cities. All in all I drew more than 60 items, from Segways to birds, from tanks to windmills, from houses to VR-glasses, and so on and so on.

After I handed in all illustrations, the team that was building the exhibit would place all these items on a big canvas, animate some parts of it and put some text beneath it, to explain the visions.


This is an excerpt of one of the scenarios the team built themselves, using a grid and my illustrations: