For my second Chiptune EP I teamed up with Sajuuk. This project started with a specific story in my mind. I drew a lot of little clones with gills and see-through-skin, some cities of Kamino and even an interior piece. Soon it became more of a confused mix of ideas and feelings that evolved around Kamino. A little boy, who actually is at least twenty years old, goes (back?) to Kamino with his friends and beloved ones. He clones himself and all the others, so they never have to work again. They live in happiness in super comfy Kaminoan flats, never have to worry again and everything is a-okay. But soon they realize, that this place holds dark secrets and sinister memories of their own childhood. So they decide to leave and hope to somehow bring this feeling of joy and ease with them.
Sounds super kitschy and childish, but I think this is what this project was all about in the first place.

You can listen to this album here.


And finally the finished version. The font is Astloch, but we tweaked on that O a little bit.